buy Pregabalin uk next day delivery Amsterdam based low-fi indie-pop trio Bombay return with long-awaited sophomore LP Show Your Teeth. The album’s title couldn’t be a more fitting description of Bombay’s next musical chapter. After two years of restless experimenting with lo-fi equipment and nineties rock influences, the group experienced a sense of disharmony, and a musical transformation had to take place. As a result Linda van Leeuwen has passed the torch to Lisa Ann Jonker. Multi-instrumentalist Mathias Janmaat remains the group’s driving creative force. Naturally, his writing became influenced by these circumstances: Show
Your Teeth feels more introspective than acclaimed predecessor Vulture / Provider, adding an expanding sonic palette and emotional depth to their sound.

City of London

buy Lyrica from india Rejuvenated and ready to show their teeth, Bombay have become a more dynamic stage spectacle than ever before.