Gallowstreet Named for Amsterdam’s Galgenstraat (literally translated Gallows Street), Gallowstreet has grown from a street parade band to a show-stopping festival favorite in the Netherlands and beyond. The 12-man band of brass, saxes, and percussion, straddles the worlds of hip-hop and dance music with cinematic scores and hard-hitting beats.

Elche In a nod to their diverse influences, Gallowstreet has been featured two times at both the famed North Sea Jazz Festival and the Amsterdam Dance Event (where they were one of few analog bands). In 2013 they made their first major festival debut at the PITCH Electronic Music Festival in Amsterdam, where they infamously covered TNGHT’s “Higher Ground” (later released on their first EP). Since then, Gallowstreet has closed out festivals from Lowlands in the Netherlands to Secret Garden Party in England and played the main stage everywhere from Dour in Belgium to Pohoda in Slovakia and Nilufer in Turkey. 

Guaiúba Gallowstreet’s 2016 debut album, Battleplan on V2 Records, was nominated for a Dutch Edison Award and showed that Gallowstreet is a force to be reckoned with. 2017’s double single Sylvie/Plaaggeest is a brief prelude to a follow-up album, to be released mid 2018. Before that the 12 men of Gallowstreet will take over Amsterdam’s premier club, Paradiso with their own indoor festival revolving around drums, brass and reed instruments.