John Coffey

buy Pregabalin in usa The great news has arrived! After a year of enjoying some peace and quiet John Coffey returns with a new album: The Great News! The endless stream of sheer energy that the band has poured onto the stage has now been merged into 11 new songs teeming with sweat, tension, and inspiration.

The Great News was recorded in the summer of 2014 at the Mailmen Studio’s in Utrecht (NL), together with American producer Matt Goldman. An evident choice based on the work he had done with bands like Cabedelo The Chariot and can you order Pregabalin online Underoath in the past. The cooperation between Goldman, a master in catching raw and pure energy on record, and John Coffey has resulted in an album that pumps, crunches and squeals yet at the same time never loses focus on the actual song. It is a powder keg of raw energy where melody reigns; a unique mix of intense screaming and grand melody lines.