Judy Blank

neurontin cap 300mg When you hear a Judy Blank song, you hear a worldy wisdom far beyond her 23 years. You hear a voice that sounds like how smokey Tennessee mountains look; the peaks are crisp, light, majestic and untamed in scope, while the valleys are deep, rich, and elegiac. When you hear her music, it’s more than just a country song. It’s a song that sounds just as good played on headphones in the New York City subway as it does played loudly on a road-trip through Texas.

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http://mococo.org/.well-known/apple-app-site-association  Hailing from Utrecht, in the Netherlands, Judy has traveled to all corners of the world (and all corners of the record store) to find her sound. She makes Americana music for an international audience, not by mimicking her favorites from afar, but by making pilgrimages all across the southern United States to find the right connections, the right tone, the right feeling. Whether it’s playing blues on a porch in New Orleans, jamming with a new friend on a broken Gibson at a Texas Greyhound station, or sitting in the comfy confines of Nashville’s famed Music Row writing rooms with Grammy-winning songwriters. She’s one of a handful of artists to wow audiences as intimate as Nashville’s famed Bluebird Cafe and as grand as Amsterdam’s 18.000 seat Ziggo Dome. And yeah, you might expect someone like her to have an ego. But Judy Blank keeps it real, keeps it humble, and keeps focused on making her music as authentic as she is. From the green-eyed soul of her hit single “Mary Jane” to the jagged-edged ballad of “Tangled Up in You”, she can hit all the notes. Her second album, “Morning Sun”, was recorded by producer Chris Taylor (Elle King, Miranda Lambert, The Wood Brothers) at Southern Ground studios (Emmylou Harris, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson), and is released on September 7th on Munich Records / V2 Records.