Mann Friday

whole To coin a phrase like Alternative Afro-Folk-Rock is pretty difficult-  and quite a mouthful, but it seems Mann Friday might have done so with their incredible offering in Trainrides and Radio Play. Hailing from South Africa, Italy and Zimbabwe, and currently bound together by the London rock scene, the group’s energy is reflected in Trainrides and Radio Play. “South Africa and Zimbabwe, and Cape Town in particular, are a lifeblood to the creative powers behind the Mann Friday sound. We all return there often to recharge, gig it up and gain a perspective what on earth we’re up to. For us, Trainrides and Radio Play has perfectly defined how we wanted to balance the influences of our African undertones, with the folk-rock melodies we’ve all gravitated towards while playing in London”, says Mann Friday’s Rob Burrell. The album was recorded in Kore Studios London (among others Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse and Laura Marling) and mastered in Masterlabs Dublin (U2, Van Morrison and Damien Rice) and features the hit single Sunrise Everyday, a beautifully sunny slap to the heart.

Sandīla “Trainrides and Radio Play can be classified as a ‘response’ – In fact, I would go as far as to call it a ‘declaration’ of how we decide to react in this life, the choices that we make and the outlook we control.”

The band experienced some of its heavier years in London, where they really dug into the London rock-scene, which had its reflection on how the band sounded as well as its taste, tempo and lifestyle.

The foundations for Trainrides and Radio Play were laid in South Africa, where “I began writing with intent – and that intent was to draw out the beautiful patterns that pass us by everyday. Focus each and every chord on positive change, how we could re-perceive a look as a smile, a city as a network of soulmates and ultimately.. a sunrise every day!”