Mr. Love and

The Stallions

can you buy Ivermectin over the counter A young band from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Influenced by The Libertines, The Velvet Underground,Pavement, Soulwax and dEUS. They started to make their own music in 2001.

scabrously After a couple of succesfull years of live playing, making 2 albums, and winning of several music awards, we released our first full length album at Tinkatone Records, named Paris in 2005. A (by press and audiance) well received album, with beautifull Indie pop songs but also some great electrorock songs. It opened our ways to the radio and the bigger stages in Holland.

Maradi They supported Viva la Fete in front of 700 people and played live shows on some national radio shows. They released 3 singles : Like you, Love in Paris and Highspeed Romance witch were adopted by some great dj’s in Dutch radio land. Highspeed romance even found its way into the Outlaw 41 which is the nr 1 chart in Holland and stayed there for 5 weeks in a row. And of course they toured Holland and played almost every venue around. In 2006 we went abroad and played several gigs in Germany, Austria, and Czech.

Leiria Their latest release is the song : Fill me up.  Fill me up is a preview of the album they are so busy working on at the moment. It will be released in September 2007. This new album, written by all band members and most of it put together in a abandoned majors-house in the middle of nowhere, will represent our own little definition of rock and roll . Musical freedom, Strumming guitars, Electric weirdness, Romance. Tunes to jump around to or tunes to tap your feet gently on the floor on while enjoying your favorite smoke or wine. You will hear some new attitude’s.Some radical new lyrical theme’s. Choirs . Blasting guitars combined with the violence of the violin freaking out. And will find some slick catchy tunes, but also some weird, mean one’s, as well…. Just music to get you in the mood for more!