neurontin pain relief Three girls from Amsterdam who sing sweet harmonies and also play a large number of instruments – they are Una Bergin, Laurien Schreuder and Fanny de Ruiter, aka SNOWAPPLE. Laurien, a genuine opera diva (but not the kind that won’t fix her own bike punctures) met Una when they were both performing regularly in the same restaurant in Amsterdam. Una, a jazz singer who counts squirrels, elves and Ella Fitzgerald as her favourite beings, met Fanny while studying at the same music conservatory, and (classically trained) Fanny decided to postpone her plans of travelling round Italy with two white Alsatian dogs in a red Fiat 500 when Laurien and Una invited her to start a band.

Sulechów Well, band… Singing old folk songs in three part harmony round Laurien’s kitchen table. That’s how it started. But Laurien also plays guitar, so she soon got it out of its case. And before too long, Una had bought a mandoline and Fanny had remembered that she could play the violin. One song after another was composed and collectively arranged, whereby the arsenal of instruments grew to include banjo, glockenspiel and accordion. The first incarnation of Snowapple as a multi-instrumental singing spectacle was a fact. 

Jelgava Because songs exist to be heard, a D-I-Y tour took Snowapple to cities such as Berlin, Paris and London. In their beautiful new touring bus with flashing lights and flowery curtains, the trio drove from city to city having adventures and making new friends, so that by the end it could rightly be termed as ‘an international success’.

Nowshahr International success that only promises to get bigger with the release of an album. In various places in Europe the first tracks were laid down with producers who befriended them, after which the whole thing was mastered in Studio 150 with the help of producer/engineer Joeri Saal, who has worked with artists such as Paul Weller, Huub van der Lubbe and Spinvis. The result: a beautiful, dreamy album full of catchy pop/folk numbers in which the discerning listener can hear influences ranging from The Be Good Tanyas and Fleet Foxes to Anais Mitchell and Edith Piaff. Snowapple’s debut album will be released by V2 in March 2013.