The Naked Sweat Drips

Al Jubayhah The Naked Sweat Drips combine intense psychedelic tunes with haunting lyrics, which is being channeled through a portion of roaring guitars and bass, ultra dynamic drumming and thrilling vocals. The band originates from the Dutch town of Boxmeer and consists of Winand Derks van de Ven (guitar), Stefan Kollee (vocals), Tjeu Raaijmakers (guitar), Rick Veldkamp (bass) and Jimmi Vos (drums).

centennially This five-piece delivers psycho-grunge reminiscent of David Bowie, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Kyuss and Pink Floyd, played with brawn and relentless energy. In 2017 The Naked Sweat Drips released their debut album Psycho Sister through Butler Records (i.e. Lamb, Ten Years After, Claw Boys Claw, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Donnerwetter). On the album, consisting of ten compositions, the band seeks both lyrically and musically the fine line between insanity and what is socially acceptable. What effect has insanity, how deep can you dive into the world of lunacy and what is left when all boundaries have faded? The Naked Sweat Drips’ original guitar player Kristian Strik passed away in May 2018 at the age of 24 after being diagnosed for the third time with a brain tumor. In March the band recorded its final album Pain In Healing with Strik on synthesizer. April 18th 2019 will mark the release of this album.

After the passing of Kristian, Luc Jeuken (organ) traded The Naked Sweat Drips for his own shoegaze/hardcore band To Adelaide. In October 2018 guitar player Tjeu Raaijmakers joined.